Preventing Burst Pipes in Amarillo

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Preventing Burst Pipes, AmarilloWhen a pipe bursts, hundreds of gallons of water can spill out into your home in a matter of minutes. Belongings become waterlogged and ruined, potable water is wasted, mildew and mold start to grow, and you have to spend money on repiping. The best way to avoid this plumbing nightmare is to determine which plumbing pipes in your home are most vulnerable to freezing and then prep them for the cold temperatures ahead.

Which of my plumbing pipes are likely to freeze in Amarillo?

  • Pipes located in drafty areas. You probably already know which areas of your home are the coldest. Usually the draftiest areas are crawlspaces, attics, and basements.
  • Pipes located near exterior walls. These pipes will be closest to the freezing temperatures. The pipes under many kitchen sinks are located near an exterior wall.
  • Pipes that have frozen before. Even if you’ve already done a pipe replacement, your pipe will still be vulnerable.
  • Plumbing pipes located outside in the elements.

How can I prevent frozen pipes in Amarillo?

  • Add insulation to drafty areas and seal up cracks with caulk. This will prevent the cold air from getting at your plumbing pipes and could save you money on your heating bill as well.
  • Leave cabinets under the sink open when temperatures are below freezing.
  • Leave faucets dripping slowly during extreme cold.
  • Never set your thermostat for less than 55 degrees, even when away on vacation.
  • Cover vulnerable pipes with insulating tubes.
  • Prepare your outdoor plumbing for winter by disconnecting garden hoses, shutting off the water to your outdoor plumbing, and draining outdoor faucets.

These tips should help you winterize your plumbing pipes and avoid a frozen or burst pipe in Amarillo. If you turn on your faucet and no water comes out, you may have a frozen pipe. Attempting to thaw out a frozen pipe on your own could be fruitless or dangerous, so don’t hesitate to call Pratt Plumbing for assistance!

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